Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lit analysis

            The book American sniper by Chris Kyle is about Chris Kyle growing up as a farm boy that goes through many challenges. Then turn into a Navy Seal and joins Seal team three, then becomes a Seal sniper and gets a record for most confirmed kills as a sniper. this book is an amazing book about Chris Kyle on his mission's though Afghan getting shot at to saving American news crews. I believe that Chris Kyle wrote this book because this was a life changing moments that he undertook as a Navy Seal Sniper. I  chose this book because while I was at grizzly one of my sergeants suggest this book. I found this book really realistic and truly amazing also. the author uses a journalistic style for this book because he already lived the events. the author focuses more about action than anything.
The author uses the intensity of life or death to make the mood. The author has a joy and makes an anticipation to know what's going to happen next. This author uses documents and news stories for proof of these events. These had no changes in my mind because these where actual events. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Masterpiece essay

          Through out this course I have been taking advantage of not doing most of my homework and just trying to do as little as possible. So I didn't earn respect like some of my fellow colleagues did with going out of their way to put up every blog post during this school year. I could have done most of the work but I just procrastinated and didn't do any of the work. Like with this essay I'm doing it last second on my phone just so I could get it done. For me it doesn't take me that much time to write a hole essay. When I write it just like a freestyle of my imagination on a piece of paper. So on the real I don't think I took honor on the respect that you gave me or even the trust that you gave me. But I do have a solid excuse on why I didn't do it till the last couple of minutes. My excuse is during this weekend and every other weekend I had to work at the Chumash Casino and I only work graveyards so during the day I just sleep until I have to go the next night , and by the way these are  ten hour shifts so I'm super tire. Where I work at the casino is the setup crew so I have to do a lot of heavy lifting so basically I'm half dead by the time I get home. 

          I don't really think I have connected with a passion yet but right now I really like to fix computers and kinda hack my devises and make them suitable to me so. Also i feel like I'm a very creative so if want to learn how to HTML code so I can design web pages and do stuff in that region of computers. So I will continue my learning in the military by going to college and doing a lot of courses in that area and hopefully do something like that after my 4 years. To make a career of of something that I really kinda like to do 

          I don't really think I have something that really made me laugh it loud. Well except when Austin did his comedy routine that was pretty funny because I was there for a couple of those story so I have that experience first hand with that. 

          So five presentation that I feel that are around the same category as mine would be something that would have to do with expression and motivation. Dylan had a speech about motivation which I really liked. Everything that happens it is easier with a little bit of motivation and persistence. The second presentation that I can relate to is Paige's because she like to be crafty with graffiti you have to be really craft in what you do and where you do it without any hesitation in your thoughts. The third one I can relate would be Rachel's because you can  express what you are feeling thru singing and graffiti by what you draw or what you sing people can tell what you inner feelings are down to a key. The forth one is similar to mine would be Analyssa's project because you can have a lot of photos but their are sum that are just your favorite out of all of them. The fifth one would be John because he because he is putting a lot if effort for his book and he is writing what he believes to be the best book ever and that what I do with the work I do. Those are some of the masterpiece that I can relate to in a different ways for all of them. 

          I do not feel like I have complete the hero's journey yet because I didn't find out what I wanted to do in my near future maybe found what I want to in 10 years. My extent to adventure is not that much I wish it was more but I don't have the mentality to go in adventures and doing cool shit that will help me on to find my passion and will to be successful in the future. I did not have a mentor for this class because I didn't try to get one at any point in this class. I don't think I conquer a challenge that would change my life significantly or make me have a change of heart on my future. In the next couple of week during the summer I am going to make a change and hopefully get on the right track to make sure I have a bright future. 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


A) According to the definition in class the person for my questions is an entrepreneur because he is doing      what he loves and being successful at it
B) Based on the definition of entrepreneur in class I feel like I am one because I am doing something that I really want to do in my future.
C) Entrepreneurship in this culture is someone that invents something and becomes really rich or successful. i feel like this should be changed because i feel like entrepreneurship should be you doing something that you really love and really want to do something under your own your own power

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ten Questions

Music Producer 
1. What got you into producing music?
2. Who motivates you to keep on making music?
3. Who where the first people that you told about what you want to do?
4. What makes you different from any other music producer ?
5. Do you think it is hard to become a successful music producer?
6. Who is your idol in music producing?
7. Where did you start producing music?
8. Who is the biggest person that you have produced for?
9. How many beats do you make weekly?
10. What equipment/ programs are best for producing music?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Join my network!

I would like to be able to find people that are trying to go on the same path as I am and take our life's, to what seems like it is only a dream today but will help make a reality in the future. People that are interested with graphic design or music. Please comment. It doesn't matter if you are taking this course or not. Or for anybody else that can use a skill that I am trying to enhance as I go through life feel free to commet 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Explanation of the vocab. Quiz

On the vocab quiz I could have done way better if I have studied for the actual quiz